Ydr343 Digital Lock – Yale keyless digital lock

Ydr343 Digital Lock is a keyless digital lock by yale. An improved version of security with inside turn knob, wherein knob can be opened only if the safe buttons are pushed simultaneously by the users. Multiple accessibility options ads into the flexibility of the usage and modern & slim design of the locks complements the attire of the locking station by giving a contemporary look.

Features & specifications

  • Model- Ydr343
  • Nature – Yale keyless digital lock | ydr343 digital lock
  • World’s Slimmest Digital Door Lock (11mm Super Slim Design)
  • Various Access (RF Smart Chip, Touch Keypad (Remote Control – Optional)
  • Modern & Slim Design
  • Safe Thumb-Turn
  • Missing Key Invalidation
  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Fake PIN Code
  • Advanced Mode
  • Pin Code: 4-12 digits
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Front Body Dimension: 11(D) x 68(W) x 179(H) mm
  • Back Body Dimension: 36(D) x 72(W) x 185(H) mm